Notes from your Sipritual Director

"Receive the Holy Spirit"  is our Lord's invitation to us at Pentecost; indeed it is the on-going offer 
of the Spirit's guidance for our daily living of the life of Grace which is our Christian ideal. Cursillo
is  Spirit-inspired, Spirit-filled, Spirit-led as we have experienced not only on our 3 Day course but 
in our 4th Day too.
The Holy Spirit is given to empower us in apostolic action, underpinned by a life of prayer and study. 
The Spirit bestows GIFTS on each of us, differing from person-to-person but all necessary for the
development and well-being of that 'one body' of which we are all members. Those gifts of loving 
service to God's people in Church and community are very evident in the Cursillo family as 
cursillistas deepen their faith and become ever more confident in their daily walk with God.
Pentecost Sunday this year was overshadowed by the evil events in London on the eve of the Feast, following
so close on the atrocities in Manchester and Westminster. A whole range of emotions is let loose in the
aftermath of these wicked deeds: fear, anger, revenge, compassion, solidarity with those most deeply
affected, the families of the victims, the emergency services and others innocently caught up in the events.
The Holy Spirit is a Spirit of peace and his gifts are love and joy, patience and kindness, goodness, 
faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. May these too be God's refreshing gift to us this Pentecost.
Rev'd John
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