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What is Cursillo?

Cursillo has been called 'a modern version of the Acts of the Apostles'. It puts before us God's call to us to be Saints, (people transformed by the grace of God) and Apostles (people sent to play their part in God's mission to the world.)  All the activities of Cursillo are open to scrutiny, and full details of the Three Day Weekends are available from the local Diocesan Lay Director or Diocesan Spiritual Director. There is also a national web site:

Cursillo offers to committed Christians a proven way of discipleship in which they are supported and encouraged.

Is Cursillo a Lay led or a Clergy led organization?

Leadership is shared. Cursillo is a movement of the whole Church in which all members, lay and ordained, are equipped to be apostles of Jesus Christ.  It is a movement in which the laity are empowered to develop and use the gifts that God has given them.  And it is a movement in which the clergy, through the awakening of the laity, are enabled to assume their proper roles in the Body more naturally and effectively.

Why use Spanish terms?

The Spanish words used simply reflect the roots of the organization.

What happens on a Three Day Weekend?

The weekends begin on a Thursday evening( or Friday if Monday is a Bank Holiday), ending the following Sunday (or Monday) eve­ning.  Away from the everyday pressures of life the pilgrims and team form a Christian Community, learning, praying, sharing, singing and living together. During the weekend the team of lay people and Spiritual Advisers give a series of talks covering the basics of Christianity and focussing on the mission concepts of prayer, study and action.

What are the benefits of the 'Three Day Weekend?

As a result of the weekends many Christians become more active in their Churches as they become more aware of their gifts. Cursillistas (i.e. those who have taken part in a Three Day Weekend) may report a new confidence in mis­sion, and their new activities may include such things as sick visiting, leading worship and intercessions, preaching and leading house groups.  For some a sense of voca­tion is awakened as well and they go on to offer them­selves for the Reader or Ordained ministry.

Perhaps the most frequently reported benefit of the Weekend is a powerful ex­perience of the love of God.

What happens after the Three Day Weekend?

After the three day weekend the new Cursillistas go into the Fourth Day, which is where we continue our Christian journey together. They join small Group Reunions which meet regularly. The meetings last from half an hour to an hour during which members, following a set pattern, will be invited to share what they have learnt about God since they last met, moments in which they have felt close to Christ and ways in which they have attempted to infuse the com­munity of which they are a part with Christian values. All are invited to share encouragements and disappointments, and to discuss any action they propose to take in the furtherance of the Gospel.  This underscores and supports apos­tolic action, providing a structure for a lifetime's experience of Christian love and service.

Can those who have not attended the Three Day Weekend join one of the Group Reunions?

They would be very welcome to join.

Will Cursillo take members away from my church?

Certainly not!  As already noted, you may find that they become much more active members of your Church.

To whom are the Cursillo officers accountable?

Both the Diocesan Spiritual Director and the Diocesan Lay Director are ap­pointed by the Diocesan Bishop and are directly accountable to him. They are also accountable to the President of the British Anglican Cursillo Council and are themselves members of the Council during the term of their appointment.  All Anglican Cursillo officers must be active members of Anglican Churches.

Is Cursillo active in the other denominations?

Yes. The Methodist Church adopted English terminology in preference to the Spanish and Cursillo is known as 'Walk to Emmaus'. Cursillo in the Roman Catholic Church in the UK is known as Catholic Cursillo.  Cursillo in the Free Church is known as Tres Dias.  However, the form of the Three Day Weekends and the Fourth Day is essentially the same in each of the denominations.

Is a Cursillo weekend suitable for all members of my congregation?

No. Anyone who is going through a time of personal crisis - for example who is undergoing treatment for depression or mental illness - may need to wait until life has, for them, returned to an even keel before embarking on an intro­ductory weekend.  Discernment also needs to be used in the case of those recently bereaved.

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