LAC #46

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As you will remember, receiving Palanca during your Weekend is wonderful, as well as sometimes overwhelming.   It is a symbol of God’s love which is in itself abundant and overwhelming.   So you will appreciate that sending Palanca can be a lovely way of spreading this abundant and overwhelming love which you yourself received. 
PALANCA IS PRAYER-- a way of showing participants and staff support and encouragement as they make their journey.   Cursillo is underpinned by prayer– in the weeks leading up to a Weekend, during the Weekend, and on into the Fourth Day.   Palanca forms part of this prayer network whether it’s from Cursillos all over the country and even the world, or from individuals known to the participants or staff.
Therefore, Palanca can be as simple as a prayer on a small sheet of paper or a personal message on an appropriate card (home-made or purchased).   Very small gifts can be included but are not necessary (and not for the Fourth Day).
Palanca can be produced for the first, second and fourth days and bundled accordingly (but please do not write the days on the individual pieces).   Please label participants Palanca in alphabetical first name order, with second name initial, as the attached list.   For staff Palanca please label it in alphabetical first name order with second name, as the attached list also.

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