Dear Leicester Cursillistas!


In accordance with N(2) of the constitution of Leicester Anglican Cursillo, the A.G.M. will be held on 

Thursday 20th September, 2018 at 7.30pm. at

St. Andrew’s Church, Hinckley Road, Leicester Forest East, Leicester LE3 3LX

There will be some vacancies on the Secretariat, so those who may wish to consider serving on the secretariat should prayerfully consider nomination.  

Nomination forms can be downloaded by clicking HERE, please read the information on the form and also note that the closing date for nominations is 6 September 2018.

There will be some proposals to amend the constitution, most of which will be to clarify, remove contradictions or to comply with GDRP requirements.   There will be one more significant proposal which relates to representation on the Secretariat.   The proposal is below .

We look forward to members attending the AGM, being able to receive news of Cursillo and to participate in the meeting.

Any queries should be sent to:-

Proposal for the amendment of the Constitution of LAC, regarding range of representation on the Secretariat.

The General Membership of the Secretariat (not including the officers) shall represent as wide a range of parishes as possible, therefore there shall be no more than two General Secretariat members from any one parish.   At the election of General Secretariat members, if more than two nominations for the General Membership are received, there shall be a pre-election to determine which two nominations go forward to the main election of General Members (Trustees) of the Secretariat.

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